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Harnett County, NC


Welcome to Harnett Regional Water

Water User's Agreement

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Fill out this form to open an existing water and/or sewer service or to have water transferred to your name.  

Please have all information and attachments readily available when completing this form.  If you are renting, we will need a copy of your lease or rental agreement signed by both parties. If you are buying or you are the property owner, we will need a copy of the deed or contract signed by both parties.  If there are two people on the lease or deed, be sure to complete the applicant and co-applicant information.  Also a photo ID will be required such as your driver's license or ID card. You will be required to attach these signed documents to this form.  No services will be turned on without these documents. 

Deposits and fees due are based on the location of the requested services and a credit check.  Once this form and attachments are submitted, please allow at least one hour for processing then call Customer Service at 910-893-7575 to pay your deposit & fees with a debit or credit card. 

If you are transferring from one location to another, any current balances will need to be paid at the time of application.  You are required to pay a $15 transfer fee along with any additional deposits required.  

Services are turned on within 2 business days after your application, documents, and the required fees are received in the Utilities office.  To expedite the turn on process, there is an option of paying an additional $50 same day fee to have the service turned on the same day. 

If you require assistance, please contact Harnett Regional Water at (910) 893-7575.

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